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Do you have dry hair? Do you suffer with dry hair symptoms such as dull, brittle or hard to detangle hair. Perhaps the dry hair “yo-yo” effect is your cross to bear, also known as “second-day” hair , meaning hair that dries out 2 days or less after treatments. Did you know.....?

#1. 40 Hours – Thats how long your hair can resist after a conditioning treatment before oxidative damage makes it dry again.

#2. Dry End: Your ends have lived through many years and are the most sensitised part of your hair. Dryness will be even more prominent if you have ombre hair.

#3. Normal vs. Dry Hair: In normal hair the cuticle is healthy, the scales are smooth and perfectly assembled. With dry hair the cuticle is damaged even absent, and the scales are lifted and the surface is rough.

#4. Common Causes: Sun (we wish!), pollution, water, oxygen, recurrent blow dries, heat styling tools, frequent colouring, highlights and tie-and-dye.

#5. Kerastase Expert Advice: Dry hair should not be washed more than 3 times per week. Washing dry hair excessively contributes to stripping the sebum that nourishes and protects the hair fibre.

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